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[01 Jul 2005|12:40pm]
[ mood | blah ]

haha, a month ago, everything seemed so fucking perfect in my life. Now, I only have a mess of things.

Jon and I broke up almost a month ago because he's scared of being only 21 and in such a serious relationship. Well, fuck that. I'm only 19 and i'm tired of just dating around; i like serious relationships. I loved what we had. And, i fucking loved him. Too bad he's such a chicken shit about it. Never been in loved and scared the shit out of him so much that he had to break it off. We're suppose to be just friends, yet everytime we hang out he starts complaining how hard it is to be just friends with me. Well, I guess he should have thought about that before he fucking broke my heart.

He gets all upset that i'm moving on so quickly--That i'm going out with so many different guys. Well, he lost the right to care about that. He also lost the right to know that i'd never fucking date any of them seriously because my heart won't fucking give him up.

And I need a damn job.I like to be extremely busy and lately i'm not. I miss classes; i can't wait until they start up again.

Plans for the weekend::
Friday is still pretty open, I might go down to Highlands Ranch and hang out with some old friends that are back from college for the summer

Saturday: Jen is having a 4th of July bbq even though it wont be the 4th of july yet, rofl. Anyways, so i'm going there during the day...I'm suppose to hang out with Jake also, Might have to change that to another day though because my friends Justin M and Will want to take me out that night. I haven't seen them in like 4 years, so i really want to go. haha. They are from back in my Techie days. Justin owns a promotion company and he liked to dress me up and take pics for fliers for raves. When we started to talk out of the blue again he was like "oh, yes. my little flier girl" Rofl, i'm surprised he remembered who i was. He was the older guy who came to class to help out all the time because he loves techie shit. Everybody saw him as "godly." And i was the chick that all the techie guys wanted. hahaha. i miss those days.

Sunday: Josh and I are going to hang out. I'm a little nervous because we've known each other for 5 years and when we first met we were kind of dating until he went home for christmas. Then i found a new guy while he was gone, haha. Then he found a new girl. yadda yadda yadda. then we were never single at the same time again. but now, he's just broken up with his girlfriend of 2 years and jon and i broke up. I feel like there is pressure for us to get together. He's up front about how he wants us to get together now and even if he had to "woo" me. I dont want it though. I dont want any relatonships right now. I'm not ready. Dating, sure-whatever. But, no relationships. My heart can't handle it.

In fact for me to date seriously again, it's going to be hard. The guy is going to have to work for me. Sweep me off my feet, i suppose. There's guidelines for what i will and will not accept. Sounds weird but it's something i need. My heart can't handle another break like the one Jon caused.

I"m going to see Jon next week sometime though, i think. We'll see. He seems to really miss me, he even talks to me on the phone for more than 5 mins=which is amazing with how much he hates talking on the phone. Oh well though. It's too late for him to go back. If he wants me back, he's going to have to work just as hard--if not harder-- than the rest of the guys that want me to date them seriously now. I might even refuse to date anybody seriously until i get a good job and save up enough money to get out of the student housing. We'll see though; If it's meant to be, it'll happen.

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Last Weekend Update [02 Jun 2005|11:14am]
Friday Night:
Jen came over to my dorm where she flirted with some of my guy friends before we left to go downtown. We ate at the Rodizio's downtown, and it was soo fucking awesome. We even saw a couple people we used to work with over at the other Rodizio's in Highlands Ranch. It was awesome to catch up with them....the years have been good to them, not only are they godly looking, but they also speak english a million times better now. After we spent time there we walked around downtown while our food settled. I showed her some new "underground" places and it was all good. Apparently Jon was downtown at the same time....in a bar jen and i were going to stop by and check out who was there, but we got a call from Bob telling us to get our ass over to a party. It was crazy seeing Bob again...and some other people i haven't seen since high school...all back from college.

Anyways, we basicly just spent the night drinking and fourwheeling in Daniel's Park, then we went hot tubbing in the Wild Cat pool and hottub where we had to jump a huge fence with spears on the top. It was fun times until we left and some girl had the spear go through her leg. I never heard somebody scream such bloody murder. Some of the guys were holding her up on the fence so she wouldn't do any more damange, but then she passed out and they had to figure a way how to lift her up off the spear. Damn spears, who's lameass idea was it to put them on top of the fence.. they should know it won't stop kids from trying to jump it for a midnight swim. Anyways, her scream woke neighbors up and they came running over...so the sober kids made the drunk kids spilt because some of the sober kids are in the Air Force Acad. and they can be kicked out for being associated with underage drinking....so we spilt. I hear she is doing fine now. So all is good.

After that adventure, it was about 2:30 in the morning, so we stopped by another house party downtown around my dorms, we left after a while and chilled at the 24-hour starbucks until about 5 in the morning when they dropped me off at my dorm on the way home.

I woke up pretty eariler surprisingly, Jen came to pick me up to get my car which i left over at Bob's house the night before. When we go to Bob's however, we ended upgoing out to lunch at the place Pat works. Insane hook ups. The food was wonderful. After lunch we met a group of people at the pool we were at the night before....only this time it was daylight and legal. ;D It was great. We stayed there most of the day, then Jen, Bob, Ryan and i left the others and went to work out at the HR Rec. Afterwards, i was planning on going home because it was Jon's and my 9 month ana.....but jen's dad had a mini bbq for us. It was very yummy. Afterwards, i drove back to my dorm, was there for about 20 mins when jon called me saying he was just then getting off work and to meet him at his house. Which i did. We had a good night.

Jon had to work early in the morning, so i left when he did. I kicked a couple guys that live at my dorms asses at basketball, then around four in the afternoon Jen called and reminded me that her dad and stepmom were throwing a huuuuge bbq. so i left. sooo many people were there. Jon couldn't make it sice he was working a double. But i still had a tastey meal with a lot of people i haven't seen in years. ;D After the bbq, jen, me, bob, and ryan were thinking back to how that chich had herleg speared...and we came up with a plan.. i thought we were joking.....but apparently not because next thing i knew we were at home depot looking for the strongest, quietest hand saw that will cut through metal. Then we waited at Tristen's until 11:45 at night. Then we set off and sawed a bar down, but we were careful and worked a contrampion so it can go back in place as well. We then went back to tristen's, waited for more people to show up, got drunk, and went back to the pool. we were there for hours.then we left. Ryan dropped jen and i back off at her house since we were both pretty wasted. Her and i then ate BBQ left overs, watched a movie and passed the fuck out.

the whole day was spent shopping. It sucked.
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heh [27 May 2005|11:00am]
Tomorrow is my and jon's 9 month. Crazy. I wonder what we will do. He hasn't mentioned anything yet ;/ Hopefully he's noticed. Lots to do today. Bye bye.
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Simple Survery [25 May 2005|05:12pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Full Name: Ashley Elizabeth Buckner
Birthday: January 16, 1986
Hair Color: Changes. I always go back to blonde though.
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’3 ½

Relationship Stuff:
How many people you have dated: uh..more than I can remember probably
Would you ever get back with an ex? Hm, I’d probably get back together with one of them, but not anytime soon. We have a lot of things to sort out.
How many people have you had sex with: Two
Can you remember when you lost your virginity? Yup
If yes, what are the initials of the person you lost your virginity to? J.T.D.
--Do you regret it, looking back? I don’t regret the person, but I kind of regret where and how it happened.
Have you ever loved anybody? Once.
Are you in a relationship now? Yes ;D
Are you in love right now? Nah. In deep admiration and “like” though.
Do you want or have any kids?There was a time where I was completely against having kids….but now…I wouldn’t mind it as long as the guy I am with is the right guy for me

Here’s your challenge: Write about yourself for 5 mins nonstop. Type what you think, without really thinking about it…it will most likely hold the most truth this way. Type whatever you like as long as it relates to who you are as a person: what you like, what you don’t, what type of person you see yourself as.

Well, let’s see. I am a very confident person; I don’t get offended easily.

I can be a bitch, deal with it because everybody has their days. I have crazy rode rage while being a bad driver to begin with, so watch the hell out.

You know that saying “you cuss like a sailor?” Well, aye, call me a fucking sailor then.

I’m crazy beyond belief. I am almost never serious and it amuses me when people think I am. Perhaps that is why the net always puts a smile on my face….or maybe it’s when all the ugly people are called hot that does it.

When I enter a relationship, I seem to put the guy through a test. I don’t mean to. But lately I have realized that I do. In that test, I become distant and nonchalant about the relationship, sometimes I even break up with them for a while. Yes, I am crazy. I have no trust though. I suppose this is my way of making sure he’ll always be there for me. So far, nobody has passed the test except my current boyfriend. I put him through the “test” about 4 months ago and he stood strong the whole way through it. And in return, he’s one of the few people I know I can trust. I am not a trusting person at all. I have trusted way too many people who have in returned betrayed me. But now, I know I have somebody that will always be here for me and I don’t ever question it. Maybe that is why I do the “test”…so I don’t have to deal with the thought in the back of my head, reminding me about the others and what they did to me. All in all though, my relationship right now, is the best one I have ever had. I have never had so much trust with somebody other that my parents.

People that hide behind lighting and angles piss me off. And photo shoppers, you suck…teach me your ways ;/

Speaking of that, I’m honest. Don’t ask me something if you don’t want to hear the answer. I don’t like to sugar coat things either.

Love me or hate me, it’s fine with me.

I tend to go way overboard with projects.

I don’t get nervous speaking in front of crowds.

Sometimes I prefer to just sit back and watch others.

I love to be goofy. I always want to be laughing and making people I care about laugh in return. I love to bring out the silliness in everybody. I like to revert myself along with them back to childhood, in the memories we they had no worries. I love them to have a positive feeling around me always. I love to have them long me to cheer them up. I love for my boyfriend’s face to light up when he sees me.

My most favorite thing in the world is the silent smile my boyfriend gives me across the room. My most favorite sound is the sound of him randomly saying ‘baby, you’re so beautiful’ when we’re together..either that or the sound of his laugh. My favorite feeling is the feeling of finally having trust. Trusting and being trusted is the most amazing feeling; that I am finally able to experience it myself.

What scares me the most is the thought of losing somebody I care so much about again.

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[ mood | ditzy ]

Sunburnt legs SUCK. Hehe. It was sooo worth it though. Aw. Yay at the weekend once again. I was able to spend the whole weekend with Jon again. He has finally gotten over that stupid sickness that was making him no fun. Yayayayayay….yay! We spent all of yesterday at the lake with Westin, Ben, and Dogger [Coda]. Lounging, jet skiing, swimming, wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, BBQing. Awww, I fucking love the summer! Getting thrown off the back of the jetski is just the best time EVA.

JEN IS BACK IN TOWN. –dances- ehehe, I’m so fucking happy. I missed her soooo much. I invited her to go to the beach with us yesterday, but she couldn’t go. Grrr. She keeps calling to do something but our schedules always conflict. We’re going to chill with Jon Billings and Garrett soon though. WHOA, Memories of New Years 2003 and 2004. haha. I need to find those pics and post them.

OMG, I’m getting a new apartment, but sadly, they only allow dogs up to 25 pounds…Meeky soooo doesn’t fit that requirement. Haha, I told my mommy and she said that I should get a little dog and they’ll just keep Meeky until I get my own house or something. Sweet though! I told my mom I’m thinking about getting a Min Pin and she said I should get a puppy and she and my dad will house break it for me so when I move in, the puppy will be all ready for me. SWEET. I love my parents. They are so sweet and kind and lovely.

OMLORD, Jon hinted at me moving in with him and westin once ben moves out in a few months. I soooo pretended that I didn’t pick up on it. I can’t think of ANYTHING that would cause more drama!

SDJFKDSJFJSD, I JUST FOUND THE RING MY MOMMY GAVE ME!!! It’s bee misplaced for like 4 months. Holy shit, yayaya. I completely thought jon’s fucking snake ate it whole, thinking it was food. I’M SO HAPPY. BEST TIME EVER.

Oh yeahhhhhh, there was some drama that took place at the lake….i’ll have to write about it later because I have to meet some people at Starbucks! Cyaaaaaaaaaaa, fra-eeks!

PS:: WTS at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes being together and him being all like “I’M IN LOVE, BABY!!”

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todayyyyy is weeeeeee? [18 May 2005|04:42pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

haha, i got a call for an interview today while i was at the mall with Sean. haha, ew. I really don't want the job...but the money won't hurt until I find one I'd like more...esp with these gas prices!

I found a new starbucks favorite today ;D and i got it for free, woot woot. iced chi w/soy milk.

I might take online classes instead of taking lab classes this summer. yay for being able to travel ;D

well, time to get ready for el date-o with-o el boyfriend.

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bah, says i. [17 May 2005|02:00pm]
[ mood | blah! ]

SOOO tired of this place.

I need change; I need out of this city. I need a new job. I need a new apartment. I need newer friends.

Why do I get bored so easily without constant change? Jon complains that I'm high-maintenance in the sense that I always need something new to do. He's the only person now that I don't get tired of though, so yay for that.

I explained this all to my mom, and she just laughed and said it's the gypsy in me.

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;D ;D [15 May 2005|04:45pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Aww. I loved this weekend. I was able to spend all of it with Jon and Westin. AND I got out of going to Josh's poker tournament on Saturday. ;D I feel like such shit today, but it was completely worth it ;D I can’t even begin to explain all that we did even just last night. We got to see Better than Ezra after their show down 21st street. It was sweet. There was, of course, the parade of "pimped out" cars and bikes. One of the bikers fell while trying to show off, it was great. At ESPN Zone the chick that worked there gave Jon and Westin $100 worth of free points. Hehe, we always get free stuff; it’s awesome. We didn’t get home until like 7 in the morning from chilling down town and romping around Cherry Creek in Westin's truck and late night jetskiing on the lake. OH yeah, i forgot that we went to a frat party f0r a little bit that had huge drunken seesaws. Ha.I forgot about that. Drunken asses falling off those huge seasaws. Makes me smile. We were so fucked up last night/this morning/still. Lord, I need sleep though. I have a cooking practical tomorrow. Ew. I have a feeling I’m not going to be up for it.

Maybe I will write more about this weekend when I have some energy.
Nap time.

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mmm, bed time [11 May 2005|12:02pm]
[ mood | Sleepy!! ]

Just got home. Late night last night, but it was a lot of fun. Basically, Jon and I got wasted, went downtown, played some games at ESPN Zone until midnight, walked around town a little more then went and got fucked up some more. It may sound lame, but it was fun. He showed me how to throw a rugby ball and whatnot. ESPN Zone was awesome. The guy that works there gave us free points.

I’m going to have to bring Jon to Fat City when I have some money. I love that place. Reminds me of getting fucked up with Laurie though, heh. I miss her.

I’m sort of sad because Jon is going back to New Zealand for at least a month at the end of the year. A month is killer. A week is insanely tough….a month…ah, we’ll see how this goes.

The weather is really shitty today.

Anyways, I need a nap, Cya.

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mmhmmm [09 May 2005|08:32pm]
[ mood | mmmm subway ]

That’s it! I’m going to put post-its everywhere to remind me to update this thing because I ALWAYS forget about it. GAH BAH GRR..or something. Anyways, a ton has happened since my last entry “a-no-duh.”

UPDATE ON MY GRANDMA: It’s not good. Her surgery went well, but the test came back from when they took more samples and it came back badly. There’s still a lot of cancer around the area. She also had to go in for a full body scan because they think it has spread throughout her body. The results come back sometime this week. It’s tough; I try not to think about it.

I got a mad sunburn playing basketball today. I love the weather lately. It makes me think of good times. It always seems as everything in the world is good when the weather is like this….to me at least. Basketball has been good for me lately. It allows me to just let my mind drift….something that I haven’t done in forever.

School is shitty. I hate baking. It’s almost over though- I can stick it out until then. I’m thinking of taking some bartending classes..like I was planning to a year ago. I wish I would have taken them then because I need a job. I might get a job at Furniture Row though thanks to Arika. Not sure if I’ll get it or not because they want somebody that is available open to close. We’ll see. They’ll call me this week for another interview if they want to try me out. It’s not my ideal job, but it’s something I can make some good money at.

Friday after dinner with Sean, I took my boyfriend [Jon] to a party that Mick was having. It was fun; everybody was wasted. It was interesting to see Jon with friends from class. Some of my gay friends were borderline flirting with him though when they were drunk, I had to pull them off to the side and remind them that he’s mine and straight. Haha. Ulysses fucking asked me how big Jon’s cock is though. Holy shit, SOO NOT something I’m going to share with my gay guy friend. Jon and I left around 1:30…a little early, but we had other plans for the rest of the night ;) The only negative comment Jon had about the night was the fact that I don’t hang out with many girls. He knew that already though. Mick is calling for a repeat tomorrow night since we don’t have school on Wednesday. I’m game to get my drunk on again.

That night before I went to dinner with Sean I went to saw Paul and Will’s new house. It’s pretty nice. Far as fuck though. I wish things between Paul and I were better. We used to be such awesome friends. It’s all because of that one stupid night he admitted he liked me. I don’t understand why things are still ackward, it’s been almost a year since that. I even went and visited him in Vail when he was there for the winter…. It wasn’t weird then really. But ever since then, he’s been weird again.. or maybe it’s just because Will is around now. Idk. ;/

After like 6 months of not seeing him, Tyler [Emo] appeared out of nowhere and wants to be all buddy-buddy again. We used to be really good friends, but I’m not the same person I was then. I don’t want to hang around all those drugs all the time again. He says he’s got mad respect for me because I never did give in the temptation to all the drugs around. I just don’t want to get involved with that crowd again though. I think it was a Godsend when Morris was kicked out the Towers. It got me the hell out of that crowd. No more Corey, no more Dan, no more Logan, no more Carl. No more anybody like that. I feel better not being around them; they were always fucked up anyways. And on top of that, they really weren’t true friends. Plus Jon and I are doing a million times better without me always hanging out with them.

Laurie called and wanted to go clubbing with me on Friday night, but I don’t really go clubbing anymore… eh, if I had time I would have went though. Just because she’s one of the few girls I actually get along with. I miss living with her especially when we were both single. We always had such fun. Jen said she’s moving to Montana for two months though. ;/ well, at least Jen will be here in a week and a half and she’s staying for the whole summer. Haha, she was my first friend in Colorado and right now, she’s the one friend I’ve known the longest. I miss her, but we’re awesome at keeping in touch.

Well this is a hell of an update, and it’s only a little bit of the past 3 days. Haha. Oh wells. Enough writing for tonight…plus it’s time to go running….wooooooohoooo. haha yeah.

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none [16 Apr 2005|07:36pm]
my grandma has breast cancer.

My mom closed her store

i feel lost.

i miss people from my past.

I'm pulling away from the people of the present.
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Whoa now, it's been a long while... [18 Feb 2005|02:38pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Sweet, I finally remembered my password for this damn site. ;D  Actually, i had to log into my old computer and look up the saved passwords...no memory was needed. ;D  How sad though, i had forgotten that last time i logged onto this site i had deleted sooooo many of the entries. Oh wells, it's been over a year now....although it seems like a life time ago :P  I don't even feel as if i am the same person anymore. Nothing in my life is the same. So, forget everything you knew about me.....what i was like, who i was with, where i lived... Everything is completely different now. So many ups and downs that i can't even BEGIN to explain everything that has happened. I'd be here for weeks and years on one damn entry.

My dad is coming into town tonight.... he misses my mom. It's really sad. ;/  Oh wells, My mom is going to go back with him when he leaves for Durango...she told me she's going back to try and save their marriage. I hope really it works, but i'm not sure it will honestly. My dad needs to realize that he can't work these 80 hour weeks when he has a family.  Only time will tell if he'll snap back out of his work-reality though.

I guess i should post new pics some time.....I posted some more recent pics on ftj... those pics are still about 4 months old though, i look pretty much completely different. Oh wells.-who really cares. It will help reduce the number of  FTJ stalkers. bawhahhahaha. Yeah.

Anyways, i'm at work...so maybe i should actually get to work. ;D  Maybe I'll write more after I get back from my work out tonight.

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Blah, i don't want to do my homework. [23 Mar 2003|04:23pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

eh, I dont feel like doing anything...hmm, i'm going to go steal one of those question things from Matt.

------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
* flown on a plane: Yes, and sometimes I dream i am indeed a plane.
* ever been so drunk you blacked out: yeah....(oh boy, i feel e-cool now.)
* missed school because it was raining:nah, i got out of school once in kindergarden because it was flooding though!
* told a guy that you liked them?: haha, yeah. :/
* put a body part on fire for amusement: I tend to try and not set things that are attached to me on fire.
* had a crush on a friends girlfriend: Can't say that i have...
* dated someone for over a year: Yes. 2 years-What a waste.
* been hurt emotionally: Who hasn't?
* kept a secret from everyone: ASH good secret keeper. NOW TELL ME ALL YOUR DEEP, DARK ONES.
* wanted to hook up with a friend: Everybody is a friend at first.
* cried during a movie?: A Walk to Remember,dammit, i hate that movie.
* ever thought an animated character was hot?: mmmmm Mickeyyy.
* gotten into a physical fight?: heh, i once bumped into a black girl and she want to...
* been on stage: Yup, I was a Techie.
* cut your hair: ....myself? Yes. I won't get into that. :(
* had crush on a teacher? Ohh yeah, those 60 yr old women..mmmm, yummy....
* ditched a class: Just a few....
* failed a class: Hell no, I DONT WANT TO GO TO BOOT CAMP!

--------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
* do you ever wish you had another name? yeah, it's annoying that a lot of people have my name.
* do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend? Kind of. :)
* do you love anyone? Yes.
* which one of your friends acts the most like you? NICOLE.
* who have you known the longest of your friends: Jen
* who's the loudest: Lourie.
* who's the shyest: nicole is shy sometimes....
* who's the funniest: We all crack each other up.
* who's the smartest: um.......not I.
* who's the most understanding: -ponders- Jen, maybe.
* who's the most sensitive: Nicole or I
* who's the weirdest: hehehe, WE ALL ARE WEIRDOS.
* friends you trust: i have a hard time trusting.....
* are you close to any family members: Not too much anymore.
* who do you go to for stuff? Money? Parents.
* who do you hang around the most? Use to be Nicole..
* when do you cry the most: When my heart breaks even more. :(
--------FINISH EACH SENTENCE---------------
* let's walk in the: water
* let's run through: the sprinklers
* who are those: wiggers?
* what a nice: Flag
* where did all these: feelings come from?
* when will they: make guys who don't hurt girls.
* where is: Jake.
* why can't you: do my homework for me?
* easier than: a naked blindfolded guy with a boner.
* closer than: 2 peas in a pod
* look at my: face, not my boobs.
* i'll stay if: you sing to me.
* silly little: love struck girl.
* show me some: freedom from stress.
* the sky is: cloudy.
* tell me a: lie and break my heart..
* hide me: in your heart.
* love me: now and forever
* my mom thinks you're: bad for me.
* are you: a distaction from things i need done in my life.
* i miss: having somebody here loving me.
* can't you: comfort me?
* lovely little: faries.

5 thinqs you wear daily:

5 movies you'd watch over & over:
1.Willy Wonka
2.A Walk to Remember (i fucking hate that movie)
3.Pretty Woman
4.Home Movies. hehehe

5 objects you touch every day:
3.jake (i wish)

5 things you do every day:
1. work out
2. eat
3. sit at the comp
4. sleep
5. sing

5 foods/drinks that you can't live without:
2. Crawfish
3. Hot Sauce
4. Cereal
5. water/Milk

5 people that have influenced your life:
1. mom
2. dad
3. Quinn
4. Jason
5. Drew

2 things you can't live without:
1. love
2. happiness

5 things you are doing right now:
1. typing
2. wishing my hw would do itself.
3. listening to music
4. rocking out
5. wondering why nobody is talking to me on messenger now.... i must investigate.

2 things you ate in the last 24 hours:
1. cereal
2. subway

5 things you did so far today:
1. tried to find a background for this.
2. took a shower
3. stressed about hw
4. ftj
5. talked to jake

3 things you can hear right now:
1. my typing
2. IM's going off
3. Music

5 colours you can see:
1. pink
2. red
3. black
4. blue
5. green

10 things you like in the opposite sex:
1. funny
2. hair
3. truthful
4. not too emotional
6. not a player
7. close
8. doesnt consider me a trophey
9. doesn't mind talking on the phone
10. doesn't mind wrestling.

5 things you want to do this year:
1. Get through school
2. Meet jake.
3. Pay off my debt.
4. Get my community service in
5. new car

5 objects in your room you love:
1. my bed
2. my computer (how lame, i know)
3. my Shoe Chair
4. my stereo
5. my red walls?

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Kiss Kiss... [23 Mar 2003|12:24am]
[ mood | loved ]

You have a mysterious kiss. Your partner never
knows what you're going to come up with next;
this creates great excitement and arousal never
knowing what to expect. And it's sure to end
in a kiss as great as your mystery.

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Lmfao. i'm not sure if that is good or not. :/
I'm watching Jake on cam though. Yay. ilh.

I'm really tired of FTJ, i'd delete if i wasn't a free "P" and wouldnt lose all my posts. Hell, i'm almost Postmater. FTJ Royalty, here i come.

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