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That’s it! I’m going to put post-its everywhere to remind me to update this thing because I ALWAYS forget about it. GAH BAH GRR..or something. Anyways, a ton has happened since my last entry “a-no-duh.”

UPDATE ON MY GRANDMA: It’s not good. Her surgery went well, but the test came back from when they took more samples and it came back badly. There’s still a lot of cancer around the area. She also had to go in for a full body scan because they think it has spread throughout her body. The results come back sometime this week. It’s tough; I try not to think about it.

I got a mad sunburn playing basketball today. I love the weather lately. It makes me think of good times. It always seems as everything in the world is good when the weather is like this….to me at least. Basketball has been good for me lately. It allows me to just let my mind drift….something that I haven’t done in forever.

School is shitty. I hate baking. It’s almost over though- I can stick it out until then. I’m thinking of taking some bartending I was planning to a year ago. I wish I would have taken them then because I need a job. I might get a job at Furniture Row though thanks to Arika. Not sure if I’ll get it or not because they want somebody that is available open to close. We’ll see. They’ll call me this week for another interview if they want to try me out. It’s not my ideal job, but it’s something I can make some good money at.

Friday after dinner with Sean, I took my boyfriend [Jon] to a party that Mick was having. It was fun; everybody was wasted. It was interesting to see Jon with friends from class. Some of my gay friends were borderline flirting with him though when they were drunk, I had to pull them off to the side and remind them that he’s mine and straight. Haha. Ulysses fucking asked me how big Jon’s cock is though. Holy shit, SOO NOT something I’m going to share with my gay guy friend. Jon and I left around 1:30…a little early, but we had other plans for the rest of the night ;) The only negative comment Jon had about the night was the fact that I don’t hang out with many girls. He knew that already though. Mick is calling for a repeat tomorrow night since we don’t have school on Wednesday. I’m game to get my drunk on again.

That night before I went to dinner with Sean I went to saw Paul and Will’s new house. It’s pretty nice. Far as fuck though. I wish things between Paul and I were better. We used to be such awesome friends. It’s all because of that one stupid night he admitted he liked me. I don’t understand why things are still ackward, it’s been almost a year since that. I even went and visited him in Vail when he was there for the winter…. It wasn’t weird then really. But ever since then, he’s been weird again.. or maybe it’s just because Will is around now. Idk. ;/

After like 6 months of not seeing him, Tyler [Emo] appeared out of nowhere and wants to be all buddy-buddy again. We used to be really good friends, but I’m not the same person I was then. I don’t want to hang around all those drugs all the time again. He says he’s got mad respect for me because I never did give in the temptation to all the drugs around. I just don’t want to get involved with that crowd again though. I think it was a Godsend when Morris was kicked out the Towers. It got me the hell out of that crowd. No more Corey, no more Dan, no more Logan, no more Carl. No more anybody like that. I feel better not being around them; they were always fucked up anyways. And on top of that, they really weren’t true friends. Plus Jon and I are doing a million times better without me always hanging out with them.

Laurie called and wanted to go clubbing with me on Friday night, but I don’t really go clubbing anymore… eh, if I had time I would have went though. Just because she’s one of the few girls I actually get along with. I miss living with her especially when we were both single. We always had such fun. Jen said she’s moving to Montana for two months though. ;/ well, at least Jen will be here in a week and a half and she’s staying for the whole summer. Haha, she was my first friend in Colorado and right now, she’s the one friend I’ve known the longest. I miss her, but we’re awesome at keeping in touch.

Well this is a hell of an update, and it’s only a little bit of the past 3 days. Haha. Oh wells. Enough writing for tonight…plus it’s time to go running….wooooooohoooo. haha yeah.
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