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Full Name: Ashley Elizabeth Buckner
Birthday: January 16, 1986
Hair Color: Changes. I always go back to blonde though.
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5’3 ½

Relationship Stuff:
How many people you have dated: uh..more than I can remember probably
Would you ever get back with an ex? Hm, I’d probably get back together with one of them, but not anytime soon. We have a lot of things to sort out.
How many people have you had sex with: Two
Can you remember when you lost your virginity? Yup
If yes, what are the initials of the person you lost your virginity to? J.T.D.
--Do you regret it, looking back? I don’t regret the person, but I kind of regret where and how it happened.
Have you ever loved anybody? Once.
Are you in a relationship now? Yes ;D
Are you in love right now? Nah. In deep admiration and “like” though.
Do you want or have any kids?There was a time where I was completely against having kids….but now…I wouldn’t mind it as long as the guy I am with is the right guy for me

Here’s your challenge: Write about yourself for 5 mins nonstop. Type what you think, without really thinking about it…it will most likely hold the most truth this way. Type whatever you like as long as it relates to who you are as a person: what you like, what you don’t, what type of person you see yourself as.

Well, let’s see. I am a very confident person; I don’t get offended easily.

I can be a bitch, deal with it because everybody has their days. I have crazy rode rage while being a bad driver to begin with, so watch the hell out.

You know that saying “you cuss like a sailor?” Well, aye, call me a fucking sailor then.

I’m crazy beyond belief. I am almost never serious and it amuses me when people think I am. Perhaps that is why the net always puts a smile on my face….or maybe it’s when all the ugly people are called hot that does it.

When I enter a relationship, I seem to put the guy through a test. I don’t mean to. But lately I have realized that I do. In that test, I become distant and nonchalant about the relationship, sometimes I even break up with them for a while. Yes, I am crazy. I have no trust though. I suppose this is my way of making sure he’ll always be there for me. So far, nobody has passed the test except my current boyfriend. I put him through the “test” about 4 months ago and he stood strong the whole way through it. And in return, he’s one of the few people I know I can trust. I am not a trusting person at all. I have trusted way too many people who have in returned betrayed me. But now, I know I have somebody that will always be here for me and I don’t ever question it. Maybe that is why I do the “test”…so I don’t have to deal with the thought in the back of my head, reminding me about the others and what they did to me. All in all though, my relationship right now, is the best one I have ever had. I have never had so much trust with somebody other that my parents.

People that hide behind lighting and angles piss me off. And photo shoppers, you suck…teach me your ways ;/

Speaking of that, I’m honest. Don’t ask me something if you don’t want to hear the answer. I don’t like to sugar coat things either.

Love me or hate me, it’s fine with me.

I tend to go way overboard with projects.

I don’t get nervous speaking in front of crowds.

Sometimes I prefer to just sit back and watch others.

I love to be goofy. I always want to be laughing and making people I care about laugh in return. I love to bring out the silliness in everybody. I like to revert myself along with them back to childhood, in the memories we they had no worries. I love them to have a positive feeling around me always. I love to have them long me to cheer them up. I love for my boyfriend’s face to light up when he sees me.

My most favorite thing in the world is the silent smile my boyfriend gives me across the room. My most favorite sound is the sound of him randomly saying ‘baby, you’re so beautiful’ when we’re together..either that or the sound of his laugh. My favorite feeling is the feeling of finally having trust. Trusting and being trusted is the most amazing feeling; that I am finally able to experience it myself.

What scares me the most is the thought of losing somebody I care so much about again.
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